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You are going to be a dad for the first time so Congratulations!

It’s probably one of the happiest moments in life, however, becoming a father adds on to a lot of responsibility.

But, with a little support and advice, it’ll be so much easy to sail through this new chapter of life.

Dads are also liable to getting “Baby Blues”, even though they do not physically give birth to babies. And so, it is important for first time dad to look their best. And we are here to help you look just great.

  • Comfort is the Key
  • Well now you’re chasing around the little one in the house and comfort would definitely be of utmost importance. Stretch is everything. Having a pair of shorts or trousers that help you ease out, stretch and not make the crotch area look absurd is all what you need.

  • Keep check on weight
  • Staying fit post marriage and after having a baby is definitely not an easy job. However, keeping your body in shape to make your clothes fit you right is truly important. Stay fit, stay Young and be a stylist dad.

  • Fashion and You
  • Weekdays are for work, weekends should be for family. The most flattering thing a man can wear is something that serves the purpose of both work and leisure. During these times, having something in your closet which works for double purpose is such a life saver. It’s helps you be fashionable, always.

  • Know what Brand fits
  • Probably now the brands that once fitted during college days don’t fit anymore. It’s important to know which brands gives you the right comfortable fit. Ensure that your current brand caters to your current lifestyle. Subtle prints, T-shirts with logo, checked shirts can definitely be your go to.

  • It’s not only for you
  • Wearing something that actually fits you and makes you look neat and stylist is definitely more than self-love. It’s like doing a small gesture for someone you love and making an effort that isn’t asked. So, continue to make first impressions every day.

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